Sustainability Policy



Ohmungood was founded with its core values rooted in sustainability values and the care for all life on the planet being equally worth. The very purpose of our business is to have a positive impact on the climate and the well-being of our customers. The company assumes a responsibility in a long-term perspective for the environment and our social impact. The company will comply with applicable law and guidelines for climate mitigation. The company employs this policy to define the fundamental principals to uphold the company’s core values. The policy applies to everyone working with or for the company assures it is to be communicated across all channels.


Ohmungood’s business will be based on the principles of being profitable not only in monetary means but also for the planet in a wider sense. The company is also to always act as a responsible employer while contributing to improved social progress.
The company’s aim is to achieve profitable progress over time within the boundaries for sustainable development. This development should be in line with the Paris agreement and the development goals set by UN’s Agenda 2030. The company’s committed to mitigating climate change and will be making sure the business model protects the environment by reducing its own and customers impact. The company applies the standards to its suppliers making sure they follow guidelines in line with this policy.

  • Ohmungood will always care for people’s equal value and rights. Employees will be provided a good, safe and fair work environment. The company nurtures diversity and equality.
  • Ohmungood will continuously be working on measures to minimize its customers’ environmental impact. This will be done both in terms of product development but also by taking an advisory role in communicating with the customers to guide and educate within environmental commitments for a greener future.
  • Ohmungood will proactively conduct measures to minimize its environmental impact by proactive measures. This includes monitoring and optimizing energy consumption and waste management for production as well as transportation/logistics.
  • The company is certified EU EKO.
  • The packaging is made from PET-trays with recyclable paper sleeves.
  • The company’s working on founding a partnership with Fagraslätt to be able to source locally grown beans and produce for production of the company’s products.
  • The company is working on improving the logistics both in supply chain but foremost in delivery from the plant to retailer.

This policy has been approved by CEO Caroline Nilsson and CPO Torbjörn Granlund

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