Crafting your next craving

Oh Mungood is a Swedish explorer of plant-based sustainable foods — crafting products of maximum flavour with minimum fuss. Founded in 2020, we have a vision as pure as the ingredients in our recipes: to create the tastiest of experiences.

With hearty bites and droolworthy flavours we want to make it easy for you to reach for the greener option — not because you need to, but because you want to.

100% plant-based
Zero additives
No gluten, lactose or soy
Rich in protein | High-quality protein | High in fiber
Produced in Sweden
Quick and easy
/   Brimming with good stuff

The (sensational) burger behind it all

One bite and I was amazed by the flavours. A second bite, and I couldn’t help but think about the ridiculously amazing ingredients. Mung beans and brown rice. A dash of pepper? Oh yes, most definitely. By the third bite there was no more to be done. I simply had to confess: it was the most delightful burger I’ve had in my life.

So, funny enough a burger truly became the beginning of an exceptionally delicious story: Oh Mungood. Sustainable foods crafted for maximum flavour with minimum fuss — have a look, the ingredients spill all the beans.

At Oh Mungood we develop products with no ambition to be your next mock meat. Frankly, because the flavours are delicious in their own right. With great-tasting products and hearty bites, our goal is to inspire you to eat better, without ever having to give up on the perhaps most important thing after all. The (droolworthy) taste.

W e a r e c r az y ab o u t fl a v o r and seri o us ab o u t beeing b r a v e r

Sustainability. Minding more than our own business.

Sustainability, now that’s one major dimension in our world. For us, it’s much more than the organic products we develop and being shamelessly stubborn on having zero additives in all our products. Sustainability for us at Oh Mungood is about taking care about people, our planet and the lives on it — in everything we do. That might sound as a lofty statement, but it’s our true ambition. Choosing Oh Mungood, we want you to know that we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure that the product you choose is good for you, in so many ways. Beyond the gorgeous taste, that is.