Our Story

Food crafted with care from Orsa since 1995

A woman on a flavour mission

Nestled in central Sweden, on the northern shores of the lake Siljan, there’s a small village called Orsa. Four letters, though this landscape leaves little to be desired. It’s 1995 and an enthusiastic foodie is experimenting with ingredients in his kitchen. Until then, a hamburger had been synonymous for the Swedish folks with a patty of ground meat, tucked between two halves of a bun. However, this groundbreaker and tasteblazer, Torbjörn, has completely different ingredients lined up on his kitchen counter. Crunchy mung beans, brown rice and garlic. Lemony, ground coriander and fenugreek — oh yes, those are both herbs. Pure ingredients, but let’s be honest. They’re not the ones you usually find on the grill. Torbjörn decides to go for a bold move: he’ll try creating a burger. The Orsa Burger. With handwritten labels, in the most modest of editions, he starts selling his creation in the bustling market hall in the village. One of the customers are the Johanssons. Sit tight and you’ll soon figure out why this particular family is so important.

Because as it happens, the small handmade burger makes a lasting impression. Insanely good, people fall head over heels for Torbjörn’s creation. Not least the daughter in the Johansson family, Caroline, who finds it hard to believe that the main ingredient in the burger is spelled mung bean. At the time, best known for being the odd sprout found in a small see through plastic box on the vegetable shelf in the stores — a fairly anonymous bean in Sweden, if we may say so. But from that last bite of the first Orsa Burger, a new tradition was established by the Johanssons: every time Caroline was home for a visit from Stockholm, her parents had to stock up with a burger. Or preferably four.


Now, it does sound as if we have all the ingredients for a smash hit, right? Here comes the twist. Because after years and numerous trips to the market hall, Torbjörn was keen on trying new experiments. And to introduce the Orsa Burger to the rest of the world was frankly speaking never his dream, though it had started to grow in the mind of someone else. Caroline. Because no matter how far she searched — or how many burgers she tried, she could neither find nor create an equally tasty burger. So Caroline decides to take the matter in her own hands. She travels back to Orsa only to find the innovator who once upon a time came up with the  famously delicious burger. Luckily, she’s able to meet Torbjörn and returns home with the original recipe safely tucked in her back pocket — now was the time to put the plan into action.

In 2020, Oh Mungood is founded. And exactly one year later our first burger hits the stores. This is the plant-based burger that, in its most simple form, is a tribute to courage. A celebration of trying new flavours. Flavours that don’t anxiously imitate or mimic anything else. Flavours that in their pure form don’t need to be strengthened, stabilised or disguised with anything at all. Flavours that stand tall on their own ground.

For us at Oh Mungood it may have started with a burger, but our journey of exploring mouth-watering sensations has only just begun. And we have one single mission: to create fantastic culinary experiences that will make you fall head over heels. Just as Caroline did.

Oh Mungood is the Swedish, organic pioneer in plant-based foods. Founded in 2020 and with a vision as obvious as the raw materials in our products: to create taste experiences that make you fall in love. Taste experiences that make it easy to choose plant-based – not because you need to, but because you want to. Today, our unique Mung Bean Burgers & Bits can be found in over 200 stores across the country and at carefully selected restaurants and market halls. Demand for the products is growing – and so are we.

Crafting your next craving

We’re on a mission to create fantastic culinary experiences that sweep you off your feet. The kind of mouthwatering experiences that make it easy for you to reach for the plant-based option — not because you need to, but because you want to.

At Oh Mungood we believe that this world needs more than alarming statistics and rational arguments to drive the shift towards plant-based foods. Like you, we eat with all our senses. Sometimes a juicy burger with melted cheese. Sometimes the greenest of smoothies. And just like you, we’re ordinary people. Trying to juggle everyday life with our desire to eat sustainably, healthy and of course, tasty. All of this is reflected in Oh Mungood and the products we develop. 

We’re your curious explorer of natural and sustainable foods — crafting products of maximum flavour with minimum fuss. Flavours with no ambition to be your next mock meat. Frankly, flavours that are delicious in their own right. With great-tasting products and hearty bites, our goal is to inspire people to eat better, without ever having to give up on the perhaps most important thing after all. The (droolworthy) taste.

Oh Mungood is more than a range of products. We strive to be an inspiration for a genuinely curious and conscious lifestyle.

To crave but never compromise

Sustainability, now that’s one major dimension in our world. For us, it’s much more than the organic products we make and being shamelessly harsh on having zero additives. In all our products. Sustainability for us at Oh Mungood is about taking care about people, planet and the lives on it — in everything we do. That might sound as a lofty statement, but it’s our true ambition. Choosing Oh Mungood, we want you to know that we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure that the product of your choice is good for you, in so many ways. Beyond the taste, that is.