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Oh Mungood is a tasty innovator in plant-based protein. We don´t have a long list of contents that you hardly
understand and we are not trying to imitate meat. We know it taste good anyway. In our products, the mung bean take the space it deserves together with pure and organic flavourings. A good choice for both taste, health and the environment.

Our Story

Food craft from Orsa, Sweden since 1995 – READ ABOUT OUR JOURNEY

Why Oh Mungood?

Our products are organic, Swedish-produced and completely
without additives. The main ingredient is mung bean which has a
number of health benefits and a gentle production process. Our
products are also free of gluten, lactose and soy. All this without
compromising on the good taste, a full-bodied texture and a pure

Our products

The bits and burgers have a full-bodied taste of cumin, coriander, chili and beetroot that brings to mind the Orient. Our minced meat will be more neutrally flavored and allows for many different uses where you decide the seasoning.

Mung Bean Minced

Mung Bean Burger

Mung Bean Bits

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Recipes & inspiration

Our products can be used to advantage in many different contexts and with different cooking methods. The bits are incredibly good to roast in the oven, fry or fry as they are directly from the freezer or thaw them and flatten into thin “steaks” that you fry crispy in plenty of cooking fat. The burgers are great to fry or cook on the grill.

The seasoning is already done so the only thing you really need to focus on are the accessories and here we want to inspire you with some of our favorite suggestions.


Sustainability for us is not just organic products without additives. It is also a genuine concern for people, animals and the environment, which is fundamental in everything we do. We want our consumers to feel confident that products from us always are a good choice, in so many ways. Read more about our philosophy around sustainability.


Together we make Sweden more organic

Organic Sweden is the platform for all organisations within the Swedish organic food sector who want to collaborate for increased sales and exports of organic and KRAV-labelled foods. We work to increase the knowledge and commitment to organic production and consumption.

The mung bean

Through Oh Mungood, the mung bean can take the space it deserves and this is noticeable both in the taste and consistency. The mung bean is rich in protein, fiber, folic acid, iron, vitamins C and E and has a low content of saturated fat.


Contact & more information

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